Our approach to Data

Our engagement process follows a methodology based on analysis, modeling and service delivery. Depending on the needs of your organization, DIV Solutions may proceed through the following steps.

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DIV Process

1- Business Discovery
2- Data Collection
3- Data Analysis
4- Hypothesis Development
5- Business Insights
6- Software Specifications
7- Software Development
8- Client Training
9- Client Support

The approach above is summarized in three phases detailed below

Understand goals, organize data and design proof of concept

The first phase of our all customer engagements is discovery phase that allows DIV to get an overview of the customer’s data and their primary goals and to carry out an initial analysis on sample data. The objective is to allow the customer to get an initial exposure into the insights that DIV can extract from a representative sample dataset.

The engagement in this phase starts with discovery workshops with our in-house data scientists. We work with you on defining possible hypothesis about your data that are important for you, and then work throughout this phase on validating those hypothesis against your data. In cases where customers have a well define objective (for e.g. predicting customer order patters), then our engineers will tailor the analysis towards this objective. In cases where the customer wants to extract patterns in their data that, although not immediately obvious, have knowledge value, then our engineers will use state-of-the-art algorithms and modelling techniques to identify these patterns.

On completion of the DIV.Data phase, you will have a clear understanding of some of the valuable knowledge points that DIV is able to extract from your data. In turn, DIV will also have a good understand of the structure of your data and how it is used in your organisation.

Develop a solution that delivers immediate insights

The objective of the DIV.Build phase is to develop a working, customer-valuable prototype that goes beyond using representative sample data with and manual data manipulation techniques. Complete datasets are used to validate the hypothesis identified in the Discovery phase. Using this prototype, the customer will be able to extract immediate value from their data and use this in real-world decision-making.

As part of the prototype development, software for automated data aggregation, cleaning and processing is developed in a prototype form and used as a foundation for more in-depth analysis. Another important outcome of this stage is a set of more detailed requirements on how all stakeholders at different levels in the organisation can visualise and interact with the underlying analysis algorithms. The DIV.Build stage is typically scoped to last between 2-4 months, with the period timeboxed specifically to ensure a focus on quick real returns on the customer investment before any commitment to a longer-term engagement of a comprehensive product engineering effort.

On completion of the DIV.Build phase, you will have a working software solution with limited functionality, but which will deliver real value from your data, while simultaneously allowing you to evaluate the features of a comprehensive software solution you may want to focus further investment

Integrate and scale with your whole business

DIV.Grow is addressed at the business that wants their data to give longer-term insights and predict outcomes of business decisions that are not immediately obvious from present-day data. The objective of DIV.Grow is to transform your organisation into a data-drive decision-making company. In this phase, we focus on two service groups that enable you to make this transition: product-quality Software Development and Business Operations Improvement:

• Our software development services adopt an agile methodology that ensures that you can extract value from your investment as quickly as possible. We develop all software elements required for data processing, analysis and presentation, refining and implementing the requirements identified in the prototyping phase that are necessary for achieving company-wide data sourcing, analysis and presentation. We provide software training and offer long term support that provide clients confidence in their investment over the long term.

• Our business operations experts will work with you adapt to the way collect, manage and use your data to ensure that any identified improvements are deployed in an efficient and scalable way across all departments in your organization.

At the end of this phase, your organisation will be empowered with the business processes and supporting software tools and applications that will allow you make real-time data-driven business decisions. Training and support packages will be made available to secure your investment in the long term.

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